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Where can you sell your Pokémon cards in 2022?

Collecting Pokémon cards is very popular at the moment and many collectors go out of their way to get the rarest cards in their collection. Cards that are almost impossible to get can earn you a lot of money if you have them in your possession. Just to give you an idea of ​​how much money is going on in this world: last year a Pokémon card was sold at auction for a whopping $360.000. An unprecedented amount.

We're going to explain where you are Pokemon cards can start selling and of course we share the best tips with you so that your sales go even faster.

Selling your Pokémon cards in the Netherlands

There are several ways to offer your Pokémon cards for free. To get started, you can create an account on Marktplaats for free. Here you can place them all at once in one advertisement or put them all separately on it. You can choose to let people bid from a certain amount or you can put a fixed price on it. Very simple and a good range because Pokémon cards are trending. In addition, you have a lot of Pokémon Facebook groups such as Pokemon marketplace Netherlands/ Belgium† Here you can offer your cards in various ways. You can hold an auction, with that you can start a bidding war and hope that they will bid people higher than the amount you want for it. Hold a claims sale or create individual ads per card you sell. Keep an eye on: Read through each group's rules before posting. The rules differ per group, pay attention to this! 

Offer your Pokémon cards internationally

There are several websites where you can list your Pokémon cards for sale. For example, you can think of marktplaats but you prefer to do this on international marketplaces so that you have a larger audience. Furthermore, it is also advisable to use websites that offer protection for you as a seller, but also for the buyer so that both parties know for sure that the deal goes well. This way you largely prevent possible scams and fair prices are often offered on these websites.

The biggest player on the market when it comes to selling your Pokémon cards is TCGplayer.com† Almost every collector can be found on this website and in addition, the website has developed many functions that are useful. For example, think of price charts that make the search easier for buyers.

You can also use eBay† Many potential Pokémon card buyers can be found here, so there is a good chance that you will have sold your cards in a short time! Finally, you can also take a look at Cardmarket, for example.

Sell ​​your Pokémon cards quickly with these tips

Creating an advertisement for your Pokémon cards on a website is child's play, of course, but selling it yourself can be quite a tricky process. Especially if you want the price you have in mind. In practice, people continuously make the same mistakes, which means that the sale does not succeed or is slow. We have listed a few excellent tips for you.

The correct position of the map

When you are going to take a picture of your Pokémon card, it is important to keep the correct position. Make sure the card is face down to avoid distractions. You should never hold the card in your hands for the photo.

Take sharp pictures

Potential buyers naturally want to be able to inspect the card well before they decide to buy. Therefore, use a high-quality camera so that all details are clearly visible.

A calm background

If you are going to take a picture of your Pokémon card, it is very important that you ensure that you have a calm background. You prefer to use black. This allows you to see the white spots, also called whitening, on the card. So assume a black background for your loose Pokémon cards. Are the cards already graded by for example PSA cards† Then the background doesn't matter much.

No shipping charges

If no shipping costs have to be paid, a potential buyer can decide more quickly to complete the purchase. Of course you do not want to take this on your own account and that is why you ensure that the shipping costs are included in your asking price.

Patience is a virtue

Of course you want to sell your Pokémon cards as quickly as possible, but in some cases you need patience and you have to wait for someone to contact you. Do not immediately lower the price, but wait. You can of course keep an eye on whether the prices have not changed. In that case you can change your asking price.

Offer them in multiple places at once

So put them on Facebook Pokémon groups, Marktplaats, Ebay, TCGplayer and Cardmarket. This gives you extra range. One more tip, you can also place one ad in multiple Pokémon groups at the same time on Facebook. This will give you a lot of range very quickly, but pay attention. You can only sell the cards once. So make sure that you don't let several people pay for the same card, because then you have a problem.


Hopefully this informative blog about how to sell your Pokémon cards will help you. If you happen to be looking for tickets. We have a Pokémon store filled with products! Please take a look at our pokemon booster boxes, pokemon elite trainer boxes, pokemon boxes or go for a pokemon mystery box and let us surprise you!


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