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Buy Pokemon cards

If you are a real Pokémon enthusiast, you naturally want to have all the cards in your collection. We have a wide range on our webshop pokemon cards so you can collect them all, even the rare ones! You can choose to loose pokemon cards to buy, but it is also possible, for example, to pokemon bundles to purchase. There are several in it, so you also experience the tension because you don't know which pearls you are going to find. Of course you can also contact us for booster boxes, elite trainer boxing and much more. For the collectors of chinese pokemon cards en Japanese Pokémon cards we also have an extensive range.

Pokemon bundles

You can also visit us for buying Pokémon card bundles† A bundle consists of several cards. This can be 25, 50 or 100 cards. Each bundle contains at least one shiny card. With bundles of 100 often several. Unpacking a Pokémon bundle is an ultimate experience. The next card you look at may just be the one you're missing in your collection!

Pokemon Mystery Boxes

With a pokemon mystery box you can collect cards from various series. You never know in advance what exactly is in it and that creates extra tension. The content is spectacular, so you will receive individual but also graded pokemon cards You will also be surprised with some surprises such as gadgets. There is a mystery box available for every budget. They are already available from € 50,00 and go up to € 1500. For each Mystery box you can see what can be included in which version. 

pokemon elite trainer boxes

If you already have some experience with playing Pokémon, an elite trainer box might be something for you. Of course this box also contains booster pack but you get a lot of extras. You also get a promo card, 65 sleeves, a player guide, a rulebook, dice, a flipcoin, a storage box and a code with which you can play Pokémon Online. Finally, you will also receive no less than 45 energy cards, a number that you can use very well during the game! The abbreviation for elite trainer box is ETB.

Pokemon booster boxes

Do you want to be able to unpack a lot of Pokemon cards at once? Then choose from one of our booster boxes. A booster box contains 36 packs of 10 cards. That means you get 360 cards. Bet you'll get a Pokémon that you didn't already have? The pack consists of 216 common cards, 108 Pokémon cards and 36 rare cards. A booster box is a lot cheaper than separate packs. If this isn't for you, you can always take a look at our exclusive pokemon boxes.

Japanese Pokemon cards

Perhaps you are a collector of Japanese Pokémon cards. That is understandable, because firstly, the quality is a lot higher and in addition, the images are often a lot more impressive. You can contact us for Japanese booster boxes, but also Japanese booster packs and exclusive Japanese boxes. We also have Chinese Pokemon cards.

dragon ball super cards

In addition to Pokémon cards, you can also contact us for dragon ball super cards† The card game is similar. Search our extensive collection for the right cards. For example, choose the Super Card Game that is in our range, but you can also choose the Special anniversary box purchase from us.

Graded Pokemon Cards (PSA / Beckett / CGC)

You can also go to for Graded Pokemon cards. These are cards whose value is determined by recognized companies. Among other things, the quality of the card and whether it is damaged is examined. Then a fair price is made. We only sell cards rated by PSA, Beckett and CGC. Three top companies from the United States. So are you looking for PSA cards, CGC cards of Beckett (BGS) bibs? Then take a look at our graded cards category, because we have an extensive range of slabs.